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The Christmas Party

We have an annual tradition of doing a Christmas Party for our high school ministry. This year I wanted to change it up a little. Typically we eat, play some games, and do a white elephant gift exchange. Here's the plan this year:

Eat - We're not changing this part. I like to eat. And the family that hosts us is borrowing a sweet chocolate fountain that we're going to dip all sorts of stuff in.
Games - We're still doing these too.
Christmas Caroling - For those who want to, we'll send out groups of 10-15 students Christmas caroling through the neighborhood. Since our church has a big youth choir most of our students will probably want to go, but we'll have a couple volunteers hang back with the non-singer types.
Worship Time - I want to do some sort of Christmas-themed worship time. Not sure exactly what it will look like other than I want to read the Christmas story as part of it.
Food Drive - We're nixing the white elephant exchange (partially because my wife is sick and tired of white elephant exchanges). We're going to have them bring a food item for a food bank rather than just exchanging the junk from their houses that they don't want.


“The Christmas Party”

  1. Blogger Jessica Ronhaar Says:

    I really like the food drive idea. That is really awesome.