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Operation Christmas Child

We spent the day yesterday with a small group of high school students we took down to work in the Operation Christmas Child warehouse in Irvine. They moved it this year and it's now about a 5 minute drive from our old apartment in Lake Forest. Operation Christmas Child is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse. People pack shoeboxes full of toys, supplies, and goodies so that kids all over the world can have a Christmas present. It's a pretty cool idea and a great way to open doors for the gospel.

We spent the day in the pre-sort area which basically meant removing the monetary donations from the boxes (while surrounded by cameras and security guards). I spent part of my time in a fast-moving job of keeping the sorters supplied with boxes and then in a slow-moving job of stacking the boxes on age-appropriate pallets. It's a great service opportunity for groups if you want to check this out next year.


“Operation Christmas Child”