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My Week

This week has been a little crazy. I didn't teach tonight so I always enjoy those times off thinking I'll get a bunch of other stuff done. But then plenty of stuff finds its way into my schedule.

Here's been some of my week:

-Student Ministries Staff Meeting
-Got interrupted during this by a fairly important issue that I'm now trying to help out with
-Finished our meeting
-Interior designer for our building project came by and I ended up doing stuff with that for a bit

-Lunch & time with Saddleback friends (except Matt Hall forgot I was coming...) - got to run some stuff I'm thinking through past Kurt....didn't come to any conclusions but it was still helpful to my thought process
-Had a meeting with some Lifeway people to debrief a curriculum we helped test out

-Educational Staff Meeting - some issues regarding room usage came up that are radically changing some things. We have another meeting next week to figure that stuff out.
-Staff Meeting
-High school ministry tonight

Coming up tomorrow - PDYM Community Lunch and coffee with a volunteer


“My Week”