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Day Off

Took a day off yesterday to recharge and recuperate after a busy week and weekend. Here's what we did:
  • Did some Christmas shopping
  • Ate free lunch at Chick-Fil-A
  • Went and saw Dan in Real Life (great movie; almost made me cry)
  • Came back home and watched The Constant Gardener (good flick)
  • Ate some tacos
  • Watched our Monday Night glut of TV - How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, and Heroes
Lots of looking at a screen, but very nice to have the time off.

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“Day Off”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    This sounds like a GREAT day off!

  2. Blogger samwise Says:

    have you checked out the most recent pdym podcast? about 7 minutes into it...way to go.

  3. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Yeah, just heard it today. Pretty funny. Especially the part where Doug butchers my last name.

  4. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    You almost cried during a Steve Carell movie? Whoa, either he's stepping into some new roles or you are in need some more manly activities in your life (like chopping wood and shooting pellet guns - I could help facilitate those for you)