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Be praying for those in SoCal who are affected by the wildfires. It's all over the news here. And if you go outside it smells like smoke (even though our house is a decent ways from the closest fire). Also, be praying for Malibu Presbyterian Church. Their church building burnt down today in the fires. The winds here are super strong today and there's lots of tree branches and stuff down here in Riverside. The closest fire to us right now is in Fontana, but there have also been fires burning in Malibu (big one), Agua Dulce, Devore, Santa Rosa Valley, Castaic, Placerita Canyon, and Chatsworth. That's a lot of fires.

You know it's not good when the weather on our home page says "Blowing dust" rather than "sunny" or "partly cloudy."

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  1. Blogger Lucas Says:

    can you smell the over-time?