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Student Leadership

Had our first student leadership meeting of the year last night at our house. We currently have 11 students in student leadership with at least two more about to jump in. I'm pretty excited about it this year. Here's what we did last night.

7:15 Dinner
7:45 Alone Time with God
8:00 Expectations/Get to Know You (used this discussion starter ball thing from Group)
8:30 Go over fall calendar
8:45 Talk about book we'll be reading - Next Generation Leader
8:50 Wrap up

Our student leadership "program" basically consists of gathering students who are serving and pouring into them. We don't event planning or stuff like that. We do keep them in the loop on stuff that's coming up, changes coming, why we're doing it, etc. This helps them be a positive face of our ministry. Nicole and I head this up together and are really excited because this group seems to be ready to jump into our ministry teams and take them to the next level.

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“Student Leadership”