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New Connection

Had lunch with John Denton yesterday. I ran into John on the Simply Junior High message board. I checked out his blog and noticed he's at a church like 3 minutes away from ours. So I emailed and we had lunch. It's crazy how people can be doing ministry so close geographically and yet it takes the internet to connect them. Anyways, we had a good time talking about youth ministry and I'm glad to meet another person in our city investing in teenagers.


“New Connection”

  1. Blogger Lucas Says:

    wow, I had a class with that guy. I too also read his blog. Although, it never dawned on me to go have lunch with him. Funny.

  2. Blogger John Says:

    Lucas we could have lunch as well. Mike it was cool to connect, thanks for taking time to have lunch with me.

  3. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    Hey - I know John too. I guess it's a small Southern Baptist world here in Riverside.