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Leader Training in San Diego

So, today I taught at the Leader Training Institute in San Diego. It's this event the local Southern Baptist association puts on down there. There's a general session and then like 15 breakout conferences after that. I had 2 in my conference. We were expecting ten so that changed the dynamic some. But I had a good time with Gabriel and his wife Daniella. They help lead the youth ministry at a Spanish-speaking church in National City. We talked through purpose and student commitments, along with elements of a crowd program. And a few other things. Hopefully it was valuable for them.


“Leader Training in San Diego”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I know how that is, expecting more than 2, praying that your work is not in vain and trusting that it's not because it IS the Lord's work. I've begun to refer to 1 Cor. 15:58 a lot lately. But I'd like to give you some encouragement. First of all, it's an encouragement to me to know that you're remaining faithful to your call to preach the Word, and second, our role in the Kingdom is sometimes a secret for good reason. Keep up the good work :)