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the hub

We launched a new occasional event last night called "the hub". We'd previously been having these monthly events I inherited called "Koinonias." Students enjoyed them, but I felt like they weren't serving much purpose, adding to our process, or moving students forward. So, now we have The Hub every couple months. Here's what we did last night:

Ate dinner - our volunteers that hosted provided hot dogs and burgers for us. Super cool of them, because I know they had to drop a bunch of money on it and wouldn't let me have students chip in.

Worship stations - we had 4 different high school students leading these stations: journaling, silence, missions video/prayer, and prayer for schools. They really stepped in and did a great job. We divided students up into smaller groups and they spent 8-10 minutes at each station before moving on to the next one.

Interviews - I interviewed two of our college students: one who just graduated high school in June and the other who's a junior at CBU (and she's one of our volunteers). I asked them about their high school experience, how they grew, what advice they'd give to high schoolers, etc. They did a great job and students responded well.

Worship through singing - 3 of our girls led worship to close out the evening. It was the first time we'd had these girls do that and it was cool.


“the hub”

  1. Blogger Chelle Says:

    interesting to see Koinonias still existed there - my hubby & I were sort of part of beginning that back in 19........can't remember its probly been close to 20 years, anyway - if it needs to be changed, change it! We struggled sometimes with formatting it as well....

  2. Blogger Gbrad Says:

    It's cool that the hub has a more worship centered focus . . . to me it give the youth a real christian cultural "thing" to be apart of without excluding the Holy Spirit (who does not get proper respect due)