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I've been thinking a little bit since we've been back from our London mission trip. There's something very fulfilling about time on a mission trip. We just would get up every day and head out to see what God had for us. Yes, there were plans and projects, but each day felt very different. It was a cool sense of "doing what you're supposed to be doing."

Then I get back home and have to deal with e-mails and budgets and unhappy parents and ministry decisions and conflict.....and it's draining. I somehow yearn for being back in that mode of just getting up each day ready to tackle the new adventure. Yet I know that God is working through even the frustrations of this week.

God is showing up through:
  • A student named Ryan who is showing more interest in getting connected
  • An energy and enthusiasm in our 11:00 service
  • A great message by my senior pastor today that was both challenging and encouraging at the same time
  • The feel of a fresh start in our college ministry
  • Leaders (Lucas, Jon, Ben, Chris) who are stepping up, growing, and moving us forward together

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  1. Blogger 6th Says:

    aww... garsh..... thanks man. It's great to be a part of it.