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Here's the low-down on today at church:
  • First day with our main quad area torn up for our construction project. Lots of people discovering new routes to drop off their preschoolers/kids and to find their Bible studies. I saw one family randomly walking around for like ten or twenty minutes.
  • Had our highest high school attendance in over a year. Lots of energy this morning, music was great, and our Bible study groups seem to have gone well.
  • Nicole and I had lunch with Brianna, one of the students heading up our worship team. I'm really excited as we've added some new people this year that will shift our "feel" a bit.
  • Our college ministry and jr. high ministry each have "new" rooms this week. The construction crew tore down a couple walls, giving us bigger expanded rooms. I hear it went pretty well except there's still random outlets hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.