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There are many days I don't feel productive. I'll have been in my office for 7 or 8 hours that day and yet feel like I've accomplished very little. Yesterday could have been one of those days.

The day started off with my car not starting. Zane (the car's name) has been teasing me for awhile that he will not start one day and yesterday he decided to deliver. So, I worked from home in the morning while Nicole got ready and bought groceries. I actually knocked out a lot of stuff in the morning: did message prep (we're doing an SYM series called Hooked), signed up for a Highrise account, and brainstormed a bunch of stuff out that was on my mind.

Then, I had lunch and Nicole dropped me at church. I get there to discover that none of my outlets in my office work. You see, we're in the middle of a remodel project and evidently they needed to shut power off to the half of a building that several of our offices are in. A couple secretaries had already gone home to work from there. I worked until my laptop ran out of juice.

Then, Lucas came by and picked me up. We went over to Sips for an iced mocha and had some great conversation about stuff that's going on in our ministry right now and thought through the decor of our new jr. high room. It was well-spent time.

Then, we decided to go out and price a bunch of the materials and paint we'll need to make this new room sweet. This involved a trip to Home Depot, Target, and a couple furniture stores. I'm pretty excited about what it's going to look like when it's all done. I'll post some pics of the progress.

Anyways, it was a very non-typical day for me, but I felt like a lot was accomplished. Maybe my power should be out more often...