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VBS Update

Well, the 6th graders don't seem quite as crazy as they did on Monday. We're clicking pretty well with them now. A few of them have brought friends and our class has grown from 10 kids the first night to 15 kids last night. Plus there's another 13 or 14 sixth graders in the class next door, AKA the most prepared class ever. They have prizes like crazy over there. They've got every resource you can order. They have a stocked snack bar with items for sale. AND, they have one lead teacher, three high schoolers helping, and like 4 other adults helping. They're rocking it next door. And then if they come take a peek at our class, they'll see kids running around screaming and being crazy. Oh well, they're having a blast at church and hearing about Jesus. That's what matters.


“VBS Update”