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Student Leadership Conference

We're off with some of our student leaders at Saddleback's Student Leadership Conference. The weird part of this trip is we have all girls with us. That's cool because Nicole and I get our own room, but it's a bummer because right now we don't have a lot of guys in our ministry who are stepping up and leading.

The first session tonight was Doug Fields. I realized tonight that Doug is quite possibly my favorite speaker out there. I always get a ton out of his messages. He talked tonight about the importance of "Being." Actually the theme for the conference is "Be..." Leaders tend to be so focused on doing stuff that we forget to just be with Jesus. I need this reminder often. Looking forward to some time of being with God, being with our student leaders, and being with some old friends.


“Student Leadership Conference”

  1. Blogger Rob Cunningham Says:

    hey mike, i've been in that same situation, only the other way around. it's just been in the last year or so that we've started to see some strong girls emerge as leaders in our group. our student leader crew used to be entirely guys but now we're beginning to see more balance! enjoy the rest of this conference!