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Ok, so I totally haven't mentioned this story from last week yet. When we were at Camp Pendleton with our youth choir, we finished up the performance and headed out to get some pizza. I was the first car out and headed out to go past a little guard shack to exit the firing range we were in. I pull up and the guard makes this fist gesture to stop. The exchange went something like this:

Guard: We have a 15 mile per hour speed limit on the range.
Me: Oh?
Guard: You were speeding. You need to head back to "something something something HQ"
Me: (blank stare)
Guard: Do you know where that is?
Me: No
Guard: It's the building over there with the flagpole, "something something something walk up"

So I head back thinking I need to some sort of punitive drive back up to the guard shack. I drive back to the parking lot, warn one of our other drivers to watch the speed limit, and head back to the guard shack (going 15 mph).

Guard: You have to go IN the building.
Me: Really?
Guard: Yes, you have to sign something
Me: Oh, ok, can I turn around this way?
Guard: Yes.
Me (after pulling away): I REALLY hope someone else gets stopped.

So I go back and park (really far away because all the other spots were marked and I didn't want to get in trouble for that too). I had to go in and sign this little log book with hand-written columns, writing "civilian" under all the ones that didn't apply to me, gave them all my contact info, and wrote "speeding" for my infraction. Oh, and the guy in there gave me this explanation: "There are a lot of recruits on base and they tend to jump out into the road." Really? These people are training to be US Marines and they randomly jump in front of cars? Ok.

Best Part: 3 other cars also got stopped for speeding. This included our youth choir director, my secretary, and our senior pastor's wife. I felt much better after that.

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  1. Blogger LoriW Says:

    Funny??? I was not amused when I was pulled over!
    :) Lori

  2. Blogger the McWhorters Says: