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SLC General Session 3 - Doug Fields

Fields spent this session talking about the purpose of Fellowship. I was glad it wasn't full-on message form because we'd just sat through another general session not too long before that. They showed a video featuring five different women/girls and the "pass it on" value of mentoring through small groups.

Then, Fields did a somewhat interactive time of talking through fellowship. He gave three points:

Know (each other's hurts, struggles, victories, etc.)

Show (correct when needed)

Grow (in faith together)

A key word he then mentioned was "intentional." I continually realize that meaningful relationships among students and between students & adult leaders don't just happen. We have to be intentional about creating space and environments for students to connect in. We have to be intentional about helping adult leaders cultivate relationships. It's tough work to develop this kind of genuine connection.

Our high school ministry is pretty weak in this right now, but we've made some steps lately to further enhance this. I think this will be a year where we make some big strides towards every student being known, loved, and cared for.


“SLC General Session 3 - Doug Fields”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    sounds like you're getting some good stuff there ... I'm excited to hear about it - and more excited to see the changes/direction God is moving you towards for the ministry.

    things are good here ... i'm holding down the fort. No one is in the office today, so I'm bumpin' the itunes. At least, I hope no one is here today...