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SLC Final Session - Live Blog

Ok, I'm finally caught up on posting about all the other sessions....for this one I'll be blogging live. I'm sitting in the back of the tent here at the conference. I've never blogged quite like this so we'll see how it goes.

Taco Bell Olympics game - they did this the other day and I almost broke my leg slipping on a taquito. Now they're doing it again - the Crunch Wrap discus throw....I think Nicole just got hit by some debris up there....she just walked by doing something with her hair.

Worship time with Jadon now.

Taffy's about to come up and share....I'm pretty stoked. (Side note: Allison is sitting next to me about to blog about smelling like a dude.)

Thoughts from Taffy
Mike's definition of worship: my response to who God is and what He does (I know that's kinda seminary sounding-ish, but....I did go to seminary)
Talking about worship with Florida State Seminoles......huge celebration for 13 weeks each fall....doesn't stop there.....talk about it at home.....work....all through the week. Why isn't it like that in our Christian culture in regards to God's presence?
It suddenly becomes all about me.
Revelation 4 - "Holy, holy, holy"...huge emphasis, only reserved for God.
What's on the throne in your life instead of God?
Definition of worship: Romans 12:1-2
Will/intellect & feelings as a train - can't feed our faith with our feelings
"Your spiritual life is not a hobby"
When we honor God, we're saying "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, who is, and is to come."


“SLC Final Session - Live Blog”