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Well I mentioned I was getting sick the other day and now it's totally hit. I leave for London in just over a week so I hit up Urgent Care yesterday when my throat starting hurting pretty bad. I think the doctor thought I was some kind of idiot. Yes, I'm so sorry that I sought medical treatment for something medical that was bothering me.

Anyways, she said it doesn't look like strep but took a throat culture to check. However, it takes almost two days for that to run. That's crazy to me.

So then this morning I woke up at 3:30 and then at 5:30 with what was probably the worst sore throat I've ever felt in my life. Gargled some water and tried to sleep. A few hours later, throat still hurt and I was feeling nauseous and a little short of breath. Oh, and a headache. I called in to the office and told them I wouldn't be in. Our receptionist told me she'd had a sore throat and it turned out to be bronchitis. That could be fun.

So now I'm chilling in my bedroom watching what appears to be a Jim Carrey movie marathon on USA. I'm feeling somewhat better and Nicole's taking good care of me. That's a good thing because I'm usually a very moody and not fun patient (just ask my mom, she reads this blog).



  1. Blogger Lucas Says:

    Be glad that it hit this week instead of Wednesday of next week; that would suck! I heard graggling bleach helps...