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Day Off

I decided to take a much-needed day off today. The past month has been crazy busy and it's been weeks since I've had a full day off to just relax (which by the way we're commanded to do by God - I hate it when I move past that). So my day today consisted of the following:

Slept in a little
Played around on Google Earth (I'm a nerd)
Watched an episode of West Wing
Exchanged our money into pounds for our London trip
Watched two episodes of Alias
Ate an actual meal at home

It was pretty sweet. Bummer is, I'm getting a bit of a sore throat. I've already hit the AirBorne so hopefully that lessens it. I always seem to either get sick when I slow down or get sick so that I slow down. Oh well.


“Day Off”

  1. Blogger John Snyder Says:

    I love the fact that you still play with google earth. it's so great. SNYDER