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We're off at summer camp. It's been a busy couple weeks with finishing Going Public and trying to both rest and get ready for camp at the same time. I'll try and post at least a little more this week about what's going on with us here. We're doing Hume's San Diego camp at Pt. Loma.

  • My dorm room has an ocean view. I will be going to sleep in a few minutes to the sound of waves.
  • We have a pretty cool group of students who are going to be a blast to be around.
  • Speaker's great.
  • Program has been great so far. The camp is Viking themed - they opened with this huge production that included a dragon-type ship coming down the aisle of the chapel.
  • I get to go sea-kayaking on Tuesday.

  • The dorm building feels like it was last updated in 1964.
  • Sign-ups for camp were a little disappointing for us. We're taking a bit of a financial hit.
  • One girl doesn't want to be here.



  1. Blogger Kaleena Says:

    How can you not want to be at camp? That's crazy. Hope you guys are having fun and that everyone ends up getting a lot out of the week. Then hopefully you can rest.