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Camp Pendleton

We spent last night with our youth choir who was performing down at Camp Pendleton for 500-something recruits. It was a pretty cool experience. They'd gone down there at the end of June and had an amazing experience, but I didn't go with them. Last night, it was a pretty tame crowd for the first few songs and then something hit right in the middle. People started standing up and clapping, raising their hands, putting their arms around each other and coming down to the front. Pretty cool. We caught a bunch of it for a video that we'll hopefully be showing in church next week.

After all that, Mike Pierpoint (evangelism pastor), got up and shared a message. He presented the gospel clearly and directly. He led a prayer for anyone interested in beginning a relationship with Christ. Following the prayer, 97 guys stood up saying they had just prayed that for the first time. It was pretty incredible to see. He'd asked me to count and there were so many that I gave up. We only have a number because of a volunteer who took a count.

It was a great experience and I think it's really cool too to think of the dispersion that will happen with these guys as they literally head out all over the world. The hard part is that many will be heading to war quickly and some of those in the room will give their lives. I'm just glad we could make an impact.


“Camp Pendleton”