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Blogs I Dig

Just added a couple blogs to the Blogs O' Sweetness list on my blog.

Rob Cunningham - Rob is a youth pastor up in the Sacramento area. I'd seen his blog a couple times and then met him last week at the Student Leadership Conference. Nice guy and yes, ladies, he's single.

Taffy - I met Taffy when I interned at Saddleback. Every time I see him he gives me a huge Filipino hug. He's the student ministries worship guy at Saddleback. He's married to Sue, my favorite Swiss person, and has a new daughter, Lea. I'm stoked that he's started blogging.


“Blogs I Dig”

  1. Blogger Rob Cunningham Says:

    LOL thx for the add, mike! if i didn't know better, i woulda thought my students put you up to that "and yes, ladies" line.

    it was cool chatting with ya down at SLC, even if it wasn't for long. i might be down at YS in san diego this fall. if you're there, we should get together for coffee or a meal at some point.