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Bridging the Gap

Kurt had a post the other day where he asks how to make two student ministry teams (jr. high and high school) feel more like ONE student ministry team. I don't have all the answers, but here are some of my thoughts that I'm processing through:

  • Have jr. high staff run registration for high school large events (camp, etc.) so that high school staff can focus on mingling with students and parents. Then do the opposite with large jr. high events.
  • Occasionally pull in team members from the opposite team to a meeting they would not normally be involved in. The outside eyes and voice may be helpful.
  • Run a handful of events together over the course of the year - these could be parent nights/training, volunteer training, worship night, etc. Don't just delegate parts of the event out from the get-go, but sit down together and plan it out. Then delegate the parts that need to happen.
  • De-segregate office space.
  • Establish a prayer partners ministry that matches up partners between the two teams.
  • Make sure the point leaders of both ministries make a concentrated effort to speak highly of the opposite team's members (specifically and corporately) to the point leader's team, to the opposite team, and to the team member specifically.


“Bridging the Gap”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    can we bridge the gap with high school and college too? I think those are awesome ideas