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Here's some of what's going on in my world at the moment:

  • We just got my Grandma moved into a new place. I hope she likes it
  • Senior Transition stuff - tons of things happening with this....hoping we can keep them plugged into our church and not drop off the face of the planet like graduating seniors often do
  • Freshman Transition stuff - hope they get connected and jump into high school ministry
  • I really need to get my Class B license so I can drive the church van
  • Summer Events - even though I don't feel like we have a ton going on....I feel like we have a ton going on
  • My wireless card on my computer is acting up
  • I feel like I have a hard time establishing a weekly "routine". When people ask me what a typical day is like for me I have a hard time answering
  • We need about 6 or 7 new adult leaders in high school ministry by July 8th....I'm not quite sure how that's going to happen but I'm trying to trust God with it (and work on my end as well)
  • I mowed my lawn yesterday for the first time in forever....I can now drive into my garage without embarrassment
  • I always spell "embarrass" wrong which bothers me because I was a spelling bee champion in elementary school and pride myself on knowing how to spell things
  • That last sentence really makes me sound like a massive nerd
  • I'm tired of bullets



  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    Dude...you're such a spelling nerd.


  2. Blogger Doug Says:

    DON'T DO IT - don't give in and get the class b liscence!! You'll regret it. Seriously it is a pain to always find the driver - but it ensures that you have others involved... it free's you to be able to give undivided attention to kids while on trips and during drive time...

    It is one less thing you have to take responsibility for on trips - one less concern you have to handle and be "on" for - the safety of the students while "on the road." Just my 2 pennies for whatever it is worth... maybe something to consider.