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Stuff I'm Working on (part 2)

This morning I worked a little bit on revising our leaders' commitment sheets. Here's part of what we're asking our Midweek table leaders to commit to. This basically sums up their role:

Create Relational Atmosphere

· Talk to students more than other leaders

· Greet students in the lobby before program starts

· Talk to students for a few minutes after the program ends

Connect New Students

· Introduce new students to regular attending students

· Identify and introduce myself to new students at my table

· Have new students fill out and turn in an info card

Control the Crowd

· Recognize that some chatter is normal due to our seating arrangement

· Confront students who are distracting others around them

· Follow our discipline process (Request student to stop behavior, Reseat student elsewhere, Remove student from the room)


“Stuff I'm Working on (part 2)”