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I don't usually ask for feedback, but I'm wondering - what are some of the podcasts you listen to? Here's some stuff that's currently in my iTunes:

Ragamuffin Soulcast - podcast for worship leaders in the local church. I'm not a worship leader, but I enjoy listening.
NewSpring Church - Perry Noble's sermons out of Anderson, SC.
Catalyst Podcast - podcast by the good folks that put on the Catalyst Conference. Always quality, always good stuff.
Simply Youth Ministry - just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for not working.
Simply Junior High - Middle School specific tips and thoughts from my former boss, Kurt Johnston.
StudentCast - Lifeway's podcast for student ministry. Covers lots of different topics.
Youth Specialties - YS is probably the premier provider of youth ministry resources out there. Their podcast is typically some of their authors talking about books and resources they've created.

Ok, now what are you listening to? Comment away.