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I'm in Big Bear Lake at the moment blogging from one of the town's two (yes, count them, two; Big Bear is big time now) Starbucks. I'm spending today and tomorrow up here in an effort to refresh myself and give myself some time away to think, dream, and plan. A couple in our church owns the world's sweetest RV at the world's sweetest RV park up here and Nicole and I are enjoying staying there. She's off shopping in the Village while I camp out here.

Had some good alone time with God this morning right by the lake. This afternoon I'm hoping to dump a lot of what's floating in my brain onto my computer and then sometime in the next 24 hours or so try to bring some sort of order and planning to it. Guys on my staff - watch out...it's dangerous when I spend this much time just thinking!

Side Note: Most Starbucks in Riverside are staffed completely by teenagers and twenty-somethings. This one has all 30 and 40 something female baristas at the moment.