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6 Years

Today is mine and Nicole's six year anniversary. She's an amazing woman and I can definitely say I love her more and more as each year goes by! Here's how we spent our day:

  • Slept in crazy late
  • Had lunch at Panera Bread
  • Saw Shrek the Third
  • Looked at model homes (one of my favorite things to do)
  • Went to Target to try and spend a gift card I've had since January (no luck)
  • Had dinner at On the Border with gift cards from family
  • Tonight we rented the Shrek the Third PS2 game and Nicole's playing that right now. We also rented Season 1 of The Office and will probably watch it all in one sitting (it's only a little over 2 hours).
In other news, I graduated seminary last night, but that deserves a separate post that will be coming later.


“6 Years”

  1. Blogger Eric Says:

    Dude Congratulations.
    Today is my brother and his wife's 6th anniverseray.
    Panera and On the border on the same day? You could be the luckiest guy ever.

  2. Blogger Kaleena Says:

    Happy belated anniversary