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We've Been Hit

Well, it took them just under two weeks of us living in an actual house, but we got TPed Thursday night. We were actually pretty shocked because our bedroom window is right next to our front yard and we stay up pretty late. We're not sure who the culprits are yet, but our strategy is to not mention it to any students. We figure they won't be able to stand us not recognizing their handiwork and will eventually be dying if they don't have bragging rights. My money's on the seniors.

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“We've Been Hit”

  1. Blogger Kaleena Says:

    But don't you think taht blogging about it is recognizing that they did it? Or is it possible taht none of your students read your blog. Obviously we know that they know you blog because of the blogging for dummies book.
    Well good luck with finding out.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    you need to cut down that big old tree! that thing will be your students best friend and your worst enemy!

  3. Blogger Anissa Nishira Says:

    Thats awesome! I'm proud of them! Sad I wasn't in on it!! haha! no really, I'm glad you got a house! how fun!! miss you guys!

  4. Blogger Allison Says:

    Oh, this is sweet! I wish it had been me!

  5. Blogger Lucas Says:

    Incredible!!! They did a crappy job, what ever happened to the "L.L Bean Christmas" look? When they hit Louis Brenes' house it looked like it snowed. Wow, that's too funny!

  6. Blogger Sean Says:

    I must confess...it was me.


  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    This is so funny! Snow in Riverside! Mike, Louis Scott Brenes is a great dude! (as you know!)

  8. Blogger Louis Scott Brenes Says:

    Eric. . .You are way too cool! One of the greatest things about my time in Riverside was definitely Youth Ministry. Loved investing in those kids' lives. Umm by the way. . .Who did make it 'snow' on my front lawn back then. . .Signed Louis Scott Brenes