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Blogs I Dig

One fairly new blog I've been digging lately is LifeChurch.tv:swerve. It's put together by Craig Groeschel (senior pastor at LifeChurch.tv) and Bobby Gruenewald (innovation leader at LifeChurch.tv). I'll be honest, any church with the phrase "tv" in it makes me a little leery. But these guys are the real deal. My friend John is a former LifeChurch guy. They've been total innovators in the area of multi-site churches as well as doing very focused, targeted ministry.

LifeChurch has six campuses in Oklahoma along with campuses in Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and newly-announced in New York. They also have an internet campus. Again, when I first heard about all these campuses thousands of miles apart, I was skeptical. But it seems to be out of a heart to reach people, not world domination.

The more I hear from Craig Groeschel the more I'm impressed. He seems to have a genuine heart for God and for reaching people. In fact, I'm listening to a Catalyst podcast interview with him right now and he's impressing me even more.

Check it out for yourself.


“Blogs I Dig”

  1. Blogger Billy Chia Says:

    I listed to this today and what really struck me was when Craig, "If money was no object what would you do?"
    It made me think, "Do I want to get a boat or dig wells in 3rd world countries?"

    Great for perspective.

    -Billy Chia