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Life Recap

Ok, I'm definitely out of my blogging rhythm at the moment, but here's a quick recap of the last few days:

  • I may have mentioned my Grandma has been sick. She hasn't been able to eat really at all since mid-January and the doctors couldn't figure anything out. Well they finally did and they're doing surgery tomorrow. Basically, her stomach is in two places right now - her chest and her abdomen - with a small opening between the two which means that actual food is not able to get through. There's more details than that, but that's the short version. I'd appreciate your prayers.
  • Spent the weekend at Thousand Pines with some great friends as we put on a jr. high winter camp for our four churches. Spoke Friday night and ran MediaShout the rest of the weekend.
  • Then yesterday went to Disneyland with Nicole, Puddles, Treece, Swanny, and Stephen. Then we met up later with Blogless Phil Shinners and Pogue, along with their families. It was a really fun day. It was also a good day on Buzz Lightyear as you can tell from the picture.
  • Finished the night off with 24 at the Shinners.


“Life Recap”