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Interesting Day

My day at a glance:

  • Found out a Pastors' Kids Retreat I'm planning next weekend IS happening.....I'd been operating off a hunch that it might be cancelled, so now I'm scrambling to finalize some stuff.
  • Had a cool time helping out some people that have had some rough times lately.
  • Went to It's a Grind to work on some stuff for tomorrow night's message.
  • Ran into Trevor Christmas from The Grove and spent about an hour talking through our upcoming joint Mexico mission trip.
  • Ran into a couple guys from Church in the Valley that are planning on planting a church up near my current place (soon to be former place). I'm super excited for what they're up to.

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“Interesting Day”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    Dude, tell Trev I said hi. Small world. We were on an ultimate frisbee team together.

  2. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    Man, that guy lives at It's A Grind.

  3. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Brian - you're thinking of Travis Osborne. He moved to the Santa Cruz area recently so he no longer resides at It's a Grind.

  4. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    Yeah, I realized that after I posted it. Well, I didn't realize that he moved; I realized I was thinking of Travis. I have decided those two names are two similar and I always mix them up.