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Blogs O' Sweetness

Just made some updates to my "Blogs O' Sweetness" links on the right. Here are some people for you to check out.

Dan Lance - young adults guy at the Grove
John Snyder - John's been on my list, but changed his blog address. He's the jr. high pastor at Journey in Okiehoma.
Tim Schmoyer - I don't know Tim personally, but I read his blog and I believe he reads mine. He's got some good youth ministry stuff. He recently made a move from Texas to Minnesota so I'm sure he's probably freezing his butt off much of the time.
Tony Steward - Tony's a newer guy that came to Saddleback after I left. He does some sort of stuff for Doug Fields.

“Blogs O' Sweetness”

  1. Blogger Allison Says:

    I like the description of Tony's job...I would imagine that's how he would describe it too...