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I'm feeling a bit unproductive. Spent a while in a meeting this morning with the different age-group staff in our church to chart out how we'll be transitioning room space during the construction process over the next few years. Nothing too exciting, I think we nailed some stuff down. Then I had a good lunch with one of the pastors at our church. Then I took care of some stuff at the office and headed over to Coffee Depot with the intentions of working on stuff for next Wednesday's message and for my talk for jr. high winter camp (we're teaming up with Saddleback, Mariners, and Journey). Unfortunately I didn't get here until about two hours later than I'd hoped and have gotten virtually nothing done. I'm going home.

The bright light is we're looking at two different rental houses tonight - one downtown and one in Magnolia Center right by the Plaza. Should be good times.

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  1. Blogger Casey Angulo Says:

    I vote for the one by the plaza.