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Well, Nicole and I officially came to a decision this week that we'll be joining a team from our church that is heading to London for a week in August. We'll be doing Vacation Bible School as well as ESL classes in West London. We'll be working with people from several different countries that I can't remember all of at the moment (so I won't attempt to mention them all), but mostly people from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds. I'm excited about the team. There are two different families with teenagers going as well as another high school student who's thinking about it. Rounding out the team are Ron and Renee Harvey (Ron is a pastor at Mag), Dick and Eileen Mobley (CBU profs), and some other people I'm forgetting. Should be cool.

I have a couple thoughts on my missions trip involvement in general, but they will have to wait for another post.



  1. Blogger Chris Says:

    Do tell us more - as someone who regularly reads your blog and lives on the other side of London.