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Sweet Meeting? Maybe...

I had several items on my agenda to wrap up this afternoon when I got buzzed by our senior pastor's secretary with this: "The architects are here and they want you in the meeting."

Sweet! I was stoked. We're heading into a building project and finally getting some decent youth space (among other things). I had been a little bummed because I've felt somewhat out of the design loop so far. But now this was my chance!

I head downstairs to the conference room, meet the architects, and grab my seat. An hour and a half later we'd spent maybe a grand total of 30 seconds discussing actual detail (I'm not even sure you can call it detail) on the high school room. The rest of the stuff was interesting in its own sense to see some behind the scenes stuff, but I wasn't totally needed. Oh well.

Maybe one day soon they will ask me where to put the climbing wall in the new room.


“Sweet Meeting? Maybe...”

  1. Blogger Lucas Says:

    SO...that's where you went. I thought you just hated my photoshop skills!