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Last Few Days

It's been a busy few days lately. Returned from Mill Valley to our office move. My stuff is now all in the new office, but I'll probably spend much of my time in there tomorrow organizing stuff.

On Friday, I taught my youth ministry class and then headed over to the church to write a scholarship recommendation for our senior pastor's son. I've never seen such detailed requirements for a recommendation letter. The group had it organized into four sections that would each be scored separately. Then, Nicole and I took her younger sister to see Epic Movie. I could write more about this, but the short version is "don't see this movie."

On Saturday, we had our 101 and 201 classes scheduled for youth. We had a few sign-ups, but in the craziness of the last few days hadn't done any reminder phone calls. Thus, we had one 8th grade girl show up for 101 and that was it. We cancelled. So I went upstairs and cleaned out my new-to-me mini-fridge. It was nasty and looked like someone had vomited in it. After that, came home and did a bunch of organization of my seminary papers and notes. Then some grocery shopping at Winco.

Today was church in the morning, a quick lunch at Baker's, Mexico info meeting, time at home, trip to visit my Grandma (she's sick and feeling pretty lonely), and then student leadership meeting at our place.

Crap, that was my weekend? I'm looking forward to taking a break and going to work!

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“Last Few Days”

  1. Blogger Allison Says:

    What made you think Epic Movie would be worth seeing? You would think the cast and commercials would be more than enough...

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Oh I didn't expect much more. My sister-in-law wanted to see it. I figured it would be similar to the other movies in that genre.

  3. Blogger Leigh Sarti Says:

    what would have been epic is if you started a boycott of the movie at Riverside Regal 8.