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Group Conference

Just booked my flight and hotel for Group's National Youth Ministry Conference. I'm excited about going. A lot of people I know are involved in different parts of the conference. I'm traveling alone though which I'm a little bummed about. Originally I wanted to take one of our staff guys but we didn't have budget for it. Then I was going to room with a dude from Iowa but now he's bringing his wife. At one point, Nicole was talking seriously about going (but we'd have to pay for her out of pocket). After realizing that would be over $500, we nixed that idea.

SIDE NOTE: One day if I am ever in charge of a main church budget, we will pay for spouses to go to one conference a year with the staff member.

So, all that to say, I'll be there February 9-12, and I'm looking forward to it. Drop me a comment if you'll be there too.


“Group Conference”

  1. Blogger Allison Says:

    HEY! I'll be at this! We can be friends!! Since we don't see each other in CA (an hour away from each other), why not see each other in Indiana?!