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...And I'm Back

Ok, so I ended up taking a total break from blogging over vacation. I'm glad to be home. Here's some of the highlights of the last couple weeks.

  • Lots of down time in Fresno with my family
  • Got to see my brother and his wife, along with their new apartment in Santa Barbara
  • Some cool gifts
  • Grandparents' 50th anniversary - I was looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time....it turned out to be pretty low-key and pretty fun.
  • Rose Parade - we did an ushering fund-raiser that was right after I got back in town. I wasn't looking forward but it turned out to be pretty cool as well.
  • Firefox and IE haven't been working for a couple weeks on my laptop. Got that back working this morning....now just need to be my itunes to realize it IS connected to the internet and I'm in business.
  • Finished the reading and a paper for an independent study I'm working on. Last seminary class here I come!
  • I've been flossing my teeth like a madman since I had one of the more painful dental cleanings of my life right before vacation.
Ok, more to come from me soon. I'm hoping to be back in a good blogging pattern this week.


“...And I'm Back”

  1. Blogger Allison Says:

    well done on the flossing...I don't know many people who actually follow that dental rule.

  2. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    Oh man, I had a painful cleaning a couple years ago. First time to the dentist in like 5 years, haven't been back since. Also, congrats on being able to peruse the web once more. Also, why were you dreading the anniversary (although it did all go much smoother than I expected I suppose)?