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Our ministry has struggled with doing effective follow-up with students. A letter seems too formal and little notecards are kinda expensive and tough to find cool ones. So I decided to make some postcards with our logo on the front and space on the back to write a note. We had similar ones when I worked with Wildside. We're going to run a set for jr. high, high school, and college. I just got the high school ones in today and they turned out pretty sweet. Quick plug for Overnight Prints. They had a super-quick turnaround and a good price. If you're looking for ways to do quick follow-up, notes to students, and other communication - get some postcards in the hands of your leaders and keep a stash for yourself.



  1. Blogger Chris Says:

    Hey Mike

    We have been doing this for a while. It is something I've copied from my youth minister who when I was younger always wrote postcards regularly to all his young people. Our kids love it when they receive post from us. Definitely a winner, we are now getting some of our older church members to write some of the cards as well which is really cool when kids receive a postcard from a granny in the church saying they heard something great etc.