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I Can't Win

Since coming back on staff here last year we've struggled with the amount of people we've taken on trips. Not that we need to have a pure numbers focus, but our high school students just haven't responded well to overnight stuff we've done. We've had maybe 1/3 of our average attendance on some of our big trips which has been much lower than expected.

Anyways, being that that's much lower than expected we've over-bought reservations on a couple things we've done and taken some decent financial hits because of it. So, when I was booking our upcoming winter camp I knew I couldn't take another big hit to our budget so I went much lower than I'd normally like to. Well, now everyone wants to come. We filled up the trip a week before our early-bird deadline and began taking a waiting list. We now have almost as many on the waiting list as are actually signed up to go. In a sorta sad sense, I'm kinda hoping some other church drops out so we can snag all their spots and get everyone in.


“I Can't Win”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    The youth are a funny breed. Hope it works out for you. I've had similar problems with bookings and wavering numbers. Hopefully this will spur interest in the future.