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Weekend Highlights and Lowlights

In Lucas Miller fashion, here's my highlights and lowlights of the last few days:

  • Saw a taping of The Class. This was a total blast. You can read Nicole's post about it here.
  • Made a fun intro video for our Errny Awards Sunday night....I'll try to set up a YouTube account today maybe so I can post it.
  • Errny Awards - this is a class video competition we did last night. Good turn-out...good involvement in making the videos....people seemed to have a great time
  • A volunteer and parent are having conflict....frustrating
  • A parent approached me with why her daughter isn't more involved....frustrating....I'm not great with criticism and this didn't help
  • I've been in a negative/emotional funk a little bit
  • A student stole an ipod Sunday night at the Errny Awards. We thought we knew it was and totally confronted him....looks like it wasn't him....I may bring it up at Midweek and tell whoever it is to step up and own up to it
  • Busy weekend of work....put in about 8 or so hours on Saturday and about a 12 hour day on Sunday
  • My profile on my computer became corrupted for the second time this year....frustrating


“Weekend Highlights and Lowlights”

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