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A Time for Everything

There is a time to clean. That's right, right now is that time. Just put on some Fold Zandura (bonus points if you know who they are) and am about to tackle the piles of crap that I try not to let accumulate. I know, it's gross that there are literally piles of crap on my desk. I'm going to clean that up along with the papers and stuff that are there.


“A Time for Everything”

  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    Dude... I want bonus points! I used to listen to them when they were Mortal...actually saw them in concert a few times.

    Bonus points back at you if you know what band Jerome plays with now (this is an easy one!).

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Sweet, 50,000 bonus points for Sean. And 10,000 for me knowing that Jerome plays in Switchfoot now.

  3. Blogger Nicole Lovato Says:

    Do I get bonus points for having met Jerome? and knowing what band he was in and is in now?

  4. Blogger Sean Says:

    did you guys ever get the PURA CD? It had the mortal boys doing synth type stuff, and Leah Nash (from sixpence) doing eerie/beautiful vocals. It was one of my favorites until I lost it!