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Midweek At a Glance

Series: Developing HABITS That Will Change Your Life
Message: Study Scripture
Game: Above Average. We did Cell Phone Olympics....whose phone could spin the longest, oldest phone, and a fastest texting contest. Ben and Jon did a great job running this.
Music: Average. Songs: Forever, Beautiful One, Holiness, All who are Thirsty, Here is our King. Song set was pretty good. Our student running MediaShout had a tough time and there were lots of spots where the words were off. We need to do some more training there.
Message Length: 25-ish minutes
Message Quality: Average...I felt like it went well. This series has been pretty good, but I'm glad we're done. I always feel like that with anything over 4 weeks or so.
Volunteer Interaction: Average.
Student Response: Average
Attendance: Above Average.
1st Time Guests: A bunch of them...and I forgot to mention our info cards....and none filled them out.


“Midweek At a Glance”

  1. Blogger Joshua Johnson Says:

    I hate when I have important stuff to remember and I forget, I do that way too often.