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Midweek At a Glance

Series: Developing HABITS That Will Change Your Life
Message: Tithing
Game: Average. Table game called "Cha-ching" about money. It went well...game itself was nothing special. Nicole ran it with a student though and they both did a good job so that was cool.
Music: Average. Songs: Let Everything that Has Breath, Holy is the Lord, Wonderful Cross, From the Inside Out. Jon moved himself to the back of the stage and had students up-front in more of a leadership role. That was cool. He's really focusing in on developing worship leaders who can carry it without him.
Message Length: 30-ish minutes
Message Quality: Average. I had one encouraging comment from a student afterwards and that's always huge.
Volunteer Interaction: Average.
Student Response: Above average. Seemed to be a good energy....good remarks afterwards....they seemed engaged during the talk.
Attendance: Below Average.
1st Time Guests: None that turned in cards.


“Midweek At a Glance”