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My Wife Rules

I love my wife. She’s super cool. Yesterday morning, I stood over our bed just watching her sleep...super cute as she's sleeping. Unfortunately, she woke up and was like, “What are you doing?” since I looked like creepy stalker guy standing over the bed. If you don’t know Nicole, you should. Here’s some cool stuff I like about her:

Heart for God: She has a heart to follow Jesus. She spends time with God and is committed to living her faith out.

Sense of humor: She has this super funny, goofy side to her. Most people don’t get to experience this side of her, but I do. When she busts out the comedy she totally makes me laugh.

Heart for students: High school girls are drawn to her. They just seem to naturally connect with her.

Grace: She puts up with me….my busyness, my rudeness, my selfishness, and my sinfulness. She’s the best living picture of God’s grace that I’ve seen.

Loves ministry: She’s along for this crazy ride of ministry we’re on. She allowed me to serve as an intern for two years where we had to raise our own support (read: she made a big chunk of the money by working). She puts up with a lot of the junk that comes with being a pastor’s wife (as I much as I want and try to protect her, there’s still junk).

Loves me: I know that she’s committed to me and to our marriage no matter what. I’m not always sure what she saw in me, but I’m glad she saw it!


“My Wife Rules”

  1. Blogger Eric Says:

    I think Im going to cry. That's the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

  2. Blogger Allison Says:

    oh puddles...such a pretty little girl...

    it's a really good thing that you still love your wife!