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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Sitting at Coffee Depot...sorting through my week...enjoying a raspberry mocha.

  • Ran into Jim and Laura Paulus- Introduced myself and I am known as "Brian's brother". That's fun when your little brother is the one who is known. That's ok because he got "Michael's brother" most of his life.
  • It was fun seeing a lot of our OC friends Friday night at Allison's LOST Birthday party. I miss them. A lot.
  • Had nothing for me to do with church last night....that's rare and it was nice to have some down time.
  • They're playing Jewel in here right now. Old Jewel, the good stuff. "Foolish Games" is on as I type this.
  • I think I might be more of a details person than I like to admit.
  • I think I might be more introverted than I like to admit.
  • I just upgraded my AOL Instant Messenger. I never really go on AIM anymore, except thought I would this morning to see if my brother was on.
  • Another Jewel song just started.....I don't think I know this one.
  • I've had more relaxed and peaceful moments in the last week than I've had in the last 6 months.
UPDATE: "Foolish Games" is on again......if I listen to much more Jewel I'm probably going to start getting all emotional and crying or something.


“Random Monday Morning Thoughts”