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Midweek At a Glance

Series: Developing HABITS That Will Change Your Life
Message: Hanging Out With God
Game: Average. Table game from the HABITS super-series from Simply Youth Ministry.
Music: Average. Songs: Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing), Your Grace is Enough, God of Wonders, Sit With You, Let Everything That Has Breath
Message Length: 30-ishminutes
Message Quality: Average. I felt pretty good about it going in, but the crowd was fairly chatty.
Volunteer Interaction: Below Average.
Student Response: Below Average. I guess there's some that responded well, but a handful that were super chatty during the talk and at least one girl that looked like she was at the dentist getting a cavity filled.
Attendance: Average.
1st Time Guests: None that I know of....maybe 1, but I think I'd seen him.

Decent night. I almost said something about the talking from the stage which I rarely do. I pulled out the "shhh" which I hate and me standing silent a couple times. We need to help some of our adult leaders know it's ok to tell the student near them to shut it (but in nicer words) sometimes.


“Midweek At a Glance”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    hey, how come you took the sweet picture of us off the website? actually the one you put in there is pretty good... we should take some better pictures for that page

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Yeah, Lori put that one on. You're right, we need some new ones though.