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Fossil Hunting

Jon reminded me that I need to mention fossil hunting.

So, I'm talking to my dad the other day and here is the basic conversation:

Dad: We'll leave Robin and Nicole to do their thing one day and you and I will go fossil hunting.
Me: Do you have fossil hunting tools?
Dad: I'll buy some little hammers. I have knee-high boots we can wear so we can go in the water. What's your shoe size?
Me: 10 and a half
Dad: Ok, good. These will fit. You know this entire area used to be an inland sea....

So I'm going fossil hunting....it'll be an adventure. This is the same man who a couple weeks flew my stepbrother from LA to meet in Arkansas to go diamond hunting in a muddy field.


“Fossil Hunting”

  1. Blogger Sean Says:

    Diamond hunting in Arkansas? Now that sounds like a Stuck in the Middle fundraiser!! Did they have any luck?

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Actually, right when they got there a kid walked off with a 6.5 carat diamond. They were pretty much like, "there goes our luck for the day!"