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Blogs I Dig

Time for another installment of "Blogs I Dig." Today's blog I dig is none other than Josh Griffin. Josh does something at Saddleback Church and something else at Simply Youth Ministry. I have some ideas, but am not entirely sure anymore. Anyways, he's the man and posts A TON. Lots of good youth ministry stuff, lots of random stuff. He's also the creator of TheForce.net so all you Star Wars fans can enjoy that. Josh is one of those guys you just enjoy being around so do yourself a favor and enjoy being around his blog for a few minutes today.

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“Blogs I Dig”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    I wasn't aware that you had had a first installment of "blogs I dig"...

  2. Blogger Unknown Says:

    I dunno, his blog is OK, I guess ... JG